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3 December 2019

New Year’s menu 2020

Designed for one adult

Cold snacks

Pike caviar with crispy toast 80 g
Bruschetta with chicken and feta 120 g
Tongue filler 150 g
Foie Gras pate with berries 100 g
Carpathian mushrooms 80 g
Brie with onion jam 150 g


Olivier with salmon 250 g
Duck salad with caramelized pear 250 g


Fillet minion with berries 250 g
Trout with mushroom julienne 250 g


Holiday cake 150 g

Drinks on the table (for 2 adults)

Asti sparkling wine 0.75 l
Vodka Finland 0.5 l
Mineral water gas / no gas 2 l
Juice in assortment (optional) 2l

Open Bar

Christmas punch
Sparkling wine
The wine is white and red
Kraft cocktails
Homemade tinctures